To see the women and men we already interviewed, click on the photo..

To see the women and men we already interviewed, click on the photo..

Because of the importance of the theme for the development of people, communities and countries, we have decided to create a database with personal stories of men and women about gender equality. We will be interviewing women and men in Latin America, Asia and Africa to get an extensive idea about the cultural aspects and impact of gender equality around the world.

Our work

The last 6 years we have visited over 200 projects and social entrepreneurs in Latin-America, Asia and Africa. We made photo reports, videos and articles about them. The main goal of our work is to show the impact of sustainable development projects, in order to persuade people to invest in disadvantaged communities. We are doing this by providing our clients with photos, videos and articles. Our clients are organisations in the Netherlands like Oikocredit International, FMO, Rabobank Foundation, Care, Triodos, PUM, ASN, IDH Sustainable Trade and in Belgium Bio, VLIR, Close the Gap and VVOB.

Gender equality

In the process of our work we interviewed around 1000 people. Their stories touched us. To expand our own contribution to the improvement of the living circumstances of these people we decided to start a large project ourselves. The subject: gender equality. We believe it’s a powerful tool for development and it’s a necessity for women and men worldwide. We also believe that visualising and writing down the stories of both women and men will help stakeholders to show their audience the value, challenges and importance of gender equality.


We intend to interview hundreds of men and women in Latin America, Asia and Africa to answer questions like: What does gender equality mean to different people in different cultures? How do women and men divide the responsibilities within the household? How are the roles of men and women determined by their culture? Do they work together? What kind of challenges do they face? How can communities benefit from the talents of all people? What is the impact when the roles of men and women change?  

Film, multi-media, articles and book

We will film the interviews and make a photographical portrait. We already found partners that are interested in the testimonials. We will deliver articles, videos and portraits. In the end we will have a huge series of portraits that we will translate to a documentary, multi-media project and/or book.

Like to become a partner?

Right now we get into contact with our clients and organisations that are specialised in gender equality. We want to determine whether there are common interests. We have clients that want to buy some of the testimonials. They receive material to show their base the importance of gender equality, we receive financial contributions to our project. We assume there will also be organisations that can benefit at a higher level. They probably have little use for the individual stories, but can use the broader spectrum of the information we gather. Furthermore there will be organisations that can strengthen our project by sharing their expertise, ask critical questions or get us into contact with local organisations and people in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Interested? Just let us know.