In the process of our work we met and interviewed around a thousand people. Their stories touched us. To expand our own contribution to the improvement of the living circumstances of these people we decided to start the project ourselves. The subject: gender equality. It has proven to be a powerful tool for development and it’s a necessity for women and men worldwide. We believe that visualising and writing down the stories of both women and men will help stakeholders to show their audience the value, challenges and importance of gender equality. Personal stories have a power that is lacking in abstract numbers and research.

So far we have interviewed over 90 people. To see some of the women and men we already interviewed, click on the photo..

So far we have interviewed over 90 people. To see some of the women and men we already interviewed, click on the photo..


So far we have interviewed over 90 women and men In Latin America, Asia and Africa. We will interview many more men and women in Africa to answer questions like: What does gender equality mean to different people in different cultures? How are the roles of women and men determined by their culture? Do they work together? How do women and men divide the responsibilities within the household? What kind of challenges do they face? How can communities benefit from the talents of all people? What is the impact when the roles of men and women change?

Film, multi-media, articles and book

Each interview will be filmed and combined with a photografical portrait. These testimonials will be the cornerstone of our project. From this point we can deliver articles, videos and personal portraits to our interested partners. Some partners already have shown interest in the video testimonials. We will translate the huge series of portraits into a multi-media documentary: our personal contribution to the power of gender equality!

Like to become a partner?

More and more organisations are looking for the right ‘touch’ to express their vision, goals and results. We believe that this project can support your organisation at a strategic level based on the meta-data we gather. You can also use the personal portraits individually, to point out the significance of gender equality for just one single person. Furthermore there will be organisations that can strengthen our project by sharing their expertise, ask critical questions or get us into contact with local organisations and people in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Interested? Just let us know. We’re just a mail, whatsapp or phonecall away!


IDH Sustainable Trade, Oikocredit International, Rabo Foundation, Amigos de Potosí, NME Mundial and Pachamama Raymi, Mama & Me, Rape Hurts Foundation.