Growing the future together (3 min)

Nature's Pride, a Dutch importer of fresh exotic fruit and vegetables, cooperates with Mango producer Dominus in Peru. This video tells the story about the social program they execute together to improve the working and living circumstances of the Mango farmers and employees.

Dairy development cooperation in Kenya (3 min)

Cooperation between PUM and SNV lifts Kenyan dairy industry to higher level. Client: PUM.

Organic coffee factory in Uganda (3 min)

Sipi Falls, Uganda organic coffee: Small scale coffee farmers and environment benefit from state of the art organic coffee factory in Sipi Falls Uganda. Cooperation between Dutch coffee roaster Simon Levelt and Kawacom. Client: Simon Levelt.

Small scale rice farmers in Rwanda (3 min)

Sodar, organic rice production, hard work finally pays off. Client: Oikocredit International.

Kenyan tea value chain (3 min)

KTDA and the small scale tea farmers of Kenya. Client: FMO.

Organic cotton benefits in Mozambique (10 min)

BCI, better cotton initiative, Mozambique: the benefits organic cotton provides to small scale cotton farmers and the environment. Client: IDH.

A day in the life of a Tamala baker (1 min)

A day in the life of Rosario del Carmen, micro entrepreneur and Tamale baker in El Salvador, captured in a 1 minute video. Client: Oikocredit International.

Streetkids in Rio de Janeiro (7 min)

Around 10.000 kids live in the streets of In Rio de Janeiro. To improve their lives Robert Smits started various activities 25 years ago. Interviews with former street kids give an impression about their lives and the effect of the work of Robert's foundation Remer. Client: Impulsis (merged with Wilde Ganzen).

Dutch flower grower advices Nepalese colleague (3 min)

PUM expert Ton van Vliet advises Nepalese entrepreneur: Ton van Vliet accumulated his vast knowledge as the proprietor of a carnation nursery. Having already sold off his nursery, he then made the acquaintance of a PUM expert, who enquired if he would be interested in becoming a volunteer for PUM. Twenty-eight missions later, he is still pleased that he accepted the offer: “I really enjoy the work and the chance to meet new people. It is an exciting challenge to impart my own knowledge to people who sorely need it.” Client: PUM.