Special projects


what about gender equality?

Because of the importance of the theme for the development of people, communities and countries, we have decided to create a database with personal stories of men and women about gender equality. We will be interviewing women and men in Latin America, Asia and Africa to get an extensive idea about the cultural aspects and impact of gender equality around the world. What does gender equality mean to different people in different cultures? How do women and men divide the responsibilities within the household? How are the roles of men and women determined by their culture? Do they work together? What kind of challenges do they face? How can communities benefit from the talents of all people? What is the impact when the roles of men and women change? Of course we not only will interview the women and men on video, we also will visualise their stories in photos, video and text.

extra ordinary road trip

What is ordinary and what is special? After travelling for five years through exotic countries the two tend to get slightly mixed up. Like the local people we are getting used to heavily loaded trucks, people and donkeys. We are not surprised if we see people carrying a huge cross on their shoulder along the road. We understand that as a bus on a mountain road you should overtake a car just before a turn. To avoid getting too used to the beauty, peculiar, disturbing and surprising aspects of travelling we decided to make a series of (extra)ordinary photos to create an impression of our live on the road for both local people and people at home.