Growing trees changed the life of Athuman and her family

Athuman and her Tanzanian tribal family have learned to grow timber trees, vegetables and fruits. Also thanks to a competition, initiated by Greening Africa they have built a new house and a separate kitchen with chimney.

North Star Word Association

With its Blue Boxes North Star Alliance is providing quality healthcare to mobile workers and the communities they interact with in Africa. They asked their team members to think of a word or phrase they associate with North Star Alliance and what we represent, here's what they had to say!

Environmental friendly coffee, Nicaragua (2 min)

Agricultural engineer Ricardo Zúñiga is learning the small scale coffee farmers of Coopetarrazú how to adopt environmental friendly practices. Client: Oikocredit International.

Reforestation Kibale National Park Uganda (1,5 min)

Kibale National Park is one of the most beautiful rainforests in East Africa with an enormous variety of species. But the forest surface of Kibale is shrinking due to deforestation and soil erosion. Trees for All helps restore the forest. They work together with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Face the Future for this.

Resistant coffee variety, Nicaragua (3 min)

Nicafrance has developed an agroforrestation model, mixing coffee with forest plantations with native varieties from the area. They use a coffee variety that is called Marsellesa and that is more resistant to climate changes and to the coffee rust disease. Client: FMO.

Cultivating peppers in the dessert, Peru (4 min)

“Until 17 years ago this region, Pampa Baja, was a desert. With the arrival of irrigation we were able to create this company with all its crops.” Client: FMO

Better Cotton Initiative, Mozambique

The benefits organic cotton provides to small scale cotton farmers and the environment. Client: IDH.

Tasting cheese and sharing knowledge, Bolivia (4 min)

After their former client PIL started diversifying and therefore needed less milk, the dairy farmers of Fundaprolec needed advice about their cheese production. PUM expert Hans van Pijkeren went to Bolivia to share his experience with the farmers and two young engineers. Client: PUM.

100% made in Peru, the garment industry

How does the garment industry in Peru expands its export to Europe, in cooperation with the Peruvian government, the alpaca wool producers, the cotton farmers, the university, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Dutch organisation CBI. Client: CBI.

Organic coffee factory, Uganda (3 min)

Sipi Falls, Uganda organic coffee: Small scale coffee farmers and environment benefit from state of the art organic coffee factory in Sipi Falls Uganda. Cooperation between Dutch coffee roaster Simon Levelt and Kawacom. Client: Simon Levelt.

Streetkids in Rio de Janeiro (7 min)

Around 10.000 kids live in the streets of In Rio de Janeiro. To improve their lives Robert Smits started various activities 25 years ago. Interviews with former street kids give an impression about their lives and the effect of the work of Robert's foundation Remer. Client: Impulsis (merged with Wilde Ganzen).