We are Pauline and Wim Opmeer. We have been working together as Opmeer Reports since 2010. We specialise in photography and videography about sustainable development, micro-finance and social entrepreneurs, by visualising the stories of farmers, entrepreneurs and community projects in developing countries. 

What do you get when you hire Opmeer Reports:

  • 9 years of experience working in developing countries, visualising the impact of sustainable development.

  • Dynamic reports shot from various angles with DSLR camera’s, drone, 3-axis stabilised handheld camera, professional sound equipment, reflection screens and lights.

  • Personal care: we take the wishes and deadlines of our clients very serious.

  • Most of the time you don’t need to send us to far away places: we work from our 4x4 mobile home in Latin-America and Africa. In Asia we use airplanes and local transport, but we combine assignments of different clients. Efficient, ecological sustainable & affordable.

  • Short social media videos, corporate videos & extensive in depth documentary videos.


In the past nine years we have worked in 50 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America where we visualised over 400 sustainable development projects and thousand personal stories. Right now we are working in Africa, next year (2020) we’ll work in Asia again.

We have produced photo reports, videos, written articles, our own digital magazine and multimedia presentations. Our goal and that of our clients is to present the effects of sustainable development to as many people as possible.

Terms and Conditions (NL)


The advantages of a compact film and photo crew like us:

  • Organising a film or photoshoot is relatively easy.

  • Thanks to our approach we are able to gain the trust of the people featuring in our videos and photos in a short span of time.

  • We get physically and mentally close to people, which shows in our videos and photos. Extremely important if you want to to involve your audience.

  • Direct communication lines from the client to the producer, director, camera crew, editor, screenwriter, sound technician: us. No divided responsibilities: we will make sure the photos and videos will meet your demands.

  • Affordable rates and a satisfactory experience (see video).


We work for Oikocredit International, Rabo Foundation, PUM, FMO, IDH Sustainable Trade, ASN, North Star Alliance, Simon Levelt, Care, Triodos, Actionaid, Nature's Pride, Triple Jump, Lendahand, Agriterra, CBI. Recently we started an independent project: How about Gender Equality.